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Your go-to place for reliable, independent information on how food, diet and nutrition affect mental health and performance 

- for your research, professional practice, or personal and family health and wellbeing.

FAB (Food and Behaviour Research) provides you with the latest evidence-based information on the links between nutrition and human behaviour, learning and mood - from our work with leading scientific researchers, professionals and educators since 2003. 

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"FAB has raised my awareness of the importance of a healthy diet for all, not just those with behaviour and learning issues or other problems."

- Early Years Officer, Local Authority

"FAB Research provides a wealth of valuable information which isn't always available elsewhere - and in an easily digested form."

- GP and Medical Advisor

Associate Membership is for you if...

  • You are a healthcare professional - or studying to be one - and you need an independent and credible source of information to support your work with patients or clients on how nutrition can influence their behaviour, learning and mood.
  • You want to improve the health, wellbeing and/or behaviour of your patients, clients, colleagues, employees, students or family members.
  • You work in education, social services or allied areas, and want to know more about how diet can affect behaviour and mental health in children, young people or adults.
  • You're a parent, carer or partner who is searching for reliable information to support your own family and children and help them to eat more healthily.
  • You want to learn more about how dietary changes can improve behaviour, learning and mood - as well as physical health - for people with developmental and mental health conditions.

Everything in one place!

Information on the FAB website and associated materials comes from and is constantly updated based on credible peer-reviewed research and is not biased by any associations with promotional companies or products.

On a user-friendly platform, with enhanced search functionality, and your own library of favourites.

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Who we are…

Food and Behaviour Research (FAB Research), established in 2003 by Dr Alex Richardson DPhil (Oxon), PGCE, FRSA, is a charitable organisation dedicated both to

  • advancing scientific research into the links between nutrition and human behaviour and
  • making the findings from such research available to the widest possible audience. 

Our mission: We are committed to improving current knowledge and awareness of how nutrition and diet affects human behaviour, learning and mood.  Scientific research shows that nutrition has powerful and fundamental effects on the human brain and mind - and FAB Research is determined to continue being a leading intellectual and strategic force for advancing research in this area, and for improving public education and professional practice in this domain.

Inside the Associate Membership

Developmental Conditions

Exclusive insights into the latest scientific research into how nutrition affects development - at any age.

Mental Health

Specific resources on how nutrition can help optimise mental health, wellbeing and performance.

Physical Health

Evidence-based information on the links between body and brain health - and how diet affects both.

You will no longer have to search the internet for long hours, and continually try to verify the trustworthiness of the information you find.

We've done it all for you, with the help of renowned experts in each area.

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What does it look like in practice?

As a FAB Associate, you will have access to exclusive insights into the latest scientific research on how nutrition affects our brains and minds, as well as practical tips and information to help you optimise mental health, wellbeing and performance.

As an Associate Member, you will have exclusive access to the unique materials in our audio/visual library, to improve your knowledge on what interests you most from a wide range of topics. The FAB Associates Library includes:

  • Videos, webinars, podcasts, blogs
  • PowerPoint presentations, factsheets, pdf downloads
  • The most recent nutrition news and research, with exclusive summaries of key articles, educational monthly newsletters, blogs, and factsheets

By being a FAB Associate Member, you will also have free access to future FAB webinars. 

FAB provides information in numerous formats to suit your needs.  You can access this via your laptop, on your iphone or listen to the information whilst commuting to work.

Plus, you will get to enjoy the following bonuses too

Personalised Advice

A free half hour online consultation with the world-renowned Dr Alex Richardson to get you started.

Access to New, Exclusive Content

Exclusive access to a monthly podcast, video, or FAB article / blog / special report

Regular email updates

Bookstore Discounts

Reduced prices on selected titles in the FAB Bookstore

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FAB Research
Associate Membership

An incredible research resource - whether used academically, professionally, or for personal health. 

Twenty years of experience at your fingertips.

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Further Membership Options


Bursary and other concessionary


If you are a student or researcher, other concessionary / unwaged, an educational or non-profit organisation, a government organisation, or a company, we have alternative options for you and your employees, trainees or students.

Please email us at [email protected] for more information about these other options.

Please visit our bursary page


FAB Research would like all its information to be available to as many people as possible, so if you can't afford the annual/monthly subscriptions, you can apply for one of (a limited number) of our free bursary Associate memberships. 

Please email us at [email protected] for more information about this - OR if you'd like to help us to be able to offer more free FAB Associate memberships to those in need - we'd love to hear from you.

How is this different from browsing the internet for information?


There is a lot of non-scientific information regarding nutrition on the internet - this information often has not been peer-reviewed, and may only offer anecdotal evidence which may be subject to bias.

It may also be written to try to sell you a product that has not been scientifically researched.


FAB Research will only provide evidence-based research information – so you can fully trust all the information that is shared with you. FAB will not ever sell you any nutritional products or be linked with any promotional companies.

There is a wealth of nutritional information out there, and endless new studies are constantly being published - but nowhere else is there a resource bringing together twenty years of expertise, all in one place, and with an experienced Research Scientific Advisory Board supporting it.

As a FAB Associate Member, you not only have direct access to unbiased information, but you also support our charity by investing in our work.

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