Become a FAB Volunteer

Want to join us a FAB volunteer?

Thank you for considering joining the FAB Research team! Hopefully you know of the important work we do as a registered charity and the crucial role nutrition can play in behaviour, learning and mood.

Joining the FAB Team as a volunteer will further this vital cause and at the same time provide you with experience in research, writing, behavioural studies and other areas related to FAB Research's activities (depending on your area of interest).

Interested? Read ‘Apply to be a FAB volunteer’ below and then fill out our application form

What will I be doing?

There are many ways that you can help and support FAB Research, depending on your interests and background. Here are some examples:

  • Contribute to FAB’s evidence-based content library by helping with the writing of factsheets and articles.
  • Help spread the word - Can you help us reach more people? Whether through personal/professional contacts or outreach on social media.
  • Help us with research, by promoting our ongoing studies and helping us recruit participants through your own connections.
  • Providing feedback on our existing resources or helping generate new suggestions/ideas to help our work?
  • Helping to connect us with possible collaborators
  • Providing expert business, marketing, copy-writing, or social media insight, or administrative support.

Apply to become a volunteer

Volunteers are a valued part of FAB and the work we do. We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, who are committed to supporting FAB’s goals, and have skills and experience to offer our registered charity.

As a small team, we do expect a level of independence and initiative from our volunteers to ensure that our collaboration is conducive to FAB’s work and aims.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer Application Form

Please take the time to fill out this application form to the best of your ability, as you would for any other role application. Suitable applicants will be contacted to set up a brief call with one of our team to see if volunteering with us will be a good fit for you.

Please fill in all the boxes below before submitting.