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Alcohol: What Women Need to Know

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This is a recording of our LIVE webinar and Q&A Session.

About this event

How are Nutrition and Alcohol linked and why is it important?

  • Sex differences in drinking habits have narrowed as women's drinking patterns have become more similar to men's.  However, women appear more sensitive to the negative health effects of alcohol.
  • Drinking alcohol at high levels has profound impacts on nutritional status and health - but do the links with diet and food choices work both ways?
    • Does better nutrition reduce desire or cravings for alcohol?
    • And could dietary and nutritional support help achieve recovery from excessive alcohol use?
  • Find out how dietary interventions could help women (and men) who want to reduce their drinking – or achieve an alcohol-free lifestyle.

You will learn:

  • Why do women drink?
  • How much alcohol is safe for women?
  • Why do some find it hard to cut down or stop drinking?
  • How does alcohol affect food choices, appetite, and diet quality?
  • What nutrients are most often depleted by regular drinking?
  • What are the nutrition and health consequences of drinking at high levels?
  • How can nutrition be used to support an alcohol-free lifestyle?

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What People Are Saying:

Stunningly good, in every respect - gold standard.

I have attended a few FAB webinars and it is always topics you don't get anywhere else. Thanks for bringing more to the nutrition knowledge.

These seminars are incredible! Looking forward to the next one. Thanks to all.

I learned a lot and found lecture very enjoyable and interesting.

I love the way you gather so much information and present it in a succinct and direct manner.