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How Food Affects Your Brain

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How Food Affects Your Brain: The Role of Nutrition and Diet in the Mental Health Crisis

This is a recording of our LIVE webinar and Q&A Session discussing the scientific evidence on how nutrition and diet have a powerful - but often unrecognised - influence on how we all feel, think, and behave.

Guest speaker Professor John Stein is an Emeritus Professor at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, and Senior Research Fellow of Magdalen College, University of Oxford.

Dr Alex Richardson is a world-renowned researcher, educator, speaker and published author; and Founder Director of the UK-based charity, Food and Behaviour (FAB) Research.

Professor John Stein and Dr Alex Richardson are two of the world’s leading experts in this area and will discuss the impact of nutrition and diet on the brain, and why the current ‘mental health crisis’ cannot be solved without addressing the issue of nutrition.

The speakers – both highly experienced teachers as well as researchers -  will provide an accessible overview of the latest evidence behind the fast-growing areas of ‘nutritional neuroscience’, ‘nutritional medicine’ and ‘nutritional psychiatry’, explaining  

  • why more resources in these areas are urgently needed to stem the growing mental and public health crises
  • how the current burden on the NHS - and other key public services - could be reduced by some simple, evidence-based measures to improve nutrition and diet
  • why better information and education on the effects of food and dietary choices for brain health - and therefore mental as well as physical wellbeing - is needed in schools, care homes and workplaces


Topics covered

  • Why nutrition is so fundamental to brain development and function – and how it interacts with genetic and other environment risk factors to shape every individual’s mental, as well as physical development across their lifespan.
  • How some very common nutritional deficiencies can affect sensory perception, attention and other psychological factors in ways that lead to difficulties with mood, behaviour and learning.
  • Why children and young adults today are likely to be particularly vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems compared with previous generations.
  • How some simple dietary changes can boost mental resilience, and reduce symptoms of many developmental and mental health conditions.


The talks and handouts will allow you to

  • Learn which nutrients are absolutely vital for healthy brain development and function - but often lacking from modern diets.
  • Find out which foods provide these ‘key brain nutrients’ - and which ones don’t.
  • Understand why some current ‘healthy eating’ advice can do more harm than good – particularly by failing to emphasise why SOME dietary fats are crucial for brain health.
  • Learn which aspects of modern, western-type diets are not only new in evolutionary terms, but actually pathological (disease-causing) – and damaging to mental as well as physical health.
  • Find out about some simple, practical and effective ways to improve your own diet and nutritional status – and help others you work with or care about to improve theirs.
  • Have your chance to get your own questions answered in the live Q&A session.


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